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Photo by Scott Friedlander

Josh Deutsch’s Pannonia performs “traditional folk music from an imaginary place.”  Formed in 2011, the quintet features Deutsch’s trumpet and compositions along with violinist Zach Brock and trombonist Ryan Keberle, atop the foundation of Gary Wang’s bass and a collection of percussion instruments from around the world played by Ronen Itzik.  The band’s 2014 recording Another Time, Anther Place (Alternate Side Records) was chosen as an Editor’s Pick by DownBeat Magazine, which calls it a “well-planned, beautifully executed program” with “odd meters, unusual instrumentation, deep compositions, (and) a clearly drawn fantasy world.”

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Nico Soffiato / Josh Deutsch Duo

Trumpeter Josh Deutsch and guitarist Nico Soffiato have been playing together in a duo setting since 2006, and have performed extensively throughout the United States and Italy. They have released two CDs as a duo; 2011's Time Gels, and a 2015 release, Reverse Angle, of which The New York City Jazz Record says: "Trumpeter Josh Deutsch and guitarist Nico Soffiato take an invigorating approach to melody an harmony on their second outing, Reverse Angle, displaying an impressive command of diverse styles and textures...Through solid arrangements, bold colors and excellent harmonic balance, Deutsch and Soffiato make Reverse Angle truly memorable".

Deutsch and Soffiato also co-curate the 2x3 series in New York City, which brings together 3 duos in one night for a mix of separate performances and collaborations. The series has featured many outstanding musicians with duo projects, including Dan Weiss, Landon Knoblock, Jesse Stacken, Kirk Knuffke, Shai Maestro, Camila Meza, Dan Blake, Leo Genovese, Aaron Shragge, Kirsten Slipp, and many more!

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Josh Deutsch Quintet

The Josh Deutsch Quintet consists of a rotating cast of incredible musicians, who come together to play the ever expanding book of Deutsch originals. The quintet has appeared on Dave Douglas's Festival of New Trumpet Music, as well as venues in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Oregon and Washington. Members of the quintet have included Jon Irabagon, Dylan Heaney, Jeremy Udden, Greg Ward III, Tim Wilcox, Steve Treseler, Mike Baggetta, Danny Fox, Jarrett Cherner, Sebastian Noelle, Dawn Clement, Peter Brendler, Evan Gregor, Evan Flory-Barnes, D'Vonne Lewis, Alex Wyatt, Christian Coleman and Kevin Congleton.


Lazy Susan

photo by Jesse Winter

A quintet dedicated to the performing of original music and the eating of delicious Chinese food, Lazy Susan is comprised of trumpeter Josh Deutsch, clarinetist Sam Sadigursky, pianist Danny Fox, bassist Sam Trapchak and drummer Alex Wyatt. All proud residents of Queens, New York, the quintet has eaten at such restaurants as Little Pepper, Biang, Xian Famous Foods, Hunan House, Spicy and Tasty and White Bear.

The Ligeti Project

The Ligeti Project is a set of 12 pieces for Jazz Septet. Sketches for these pieces were started in the summer of 2008, and it was completed and premiered in 2009.

Here are the program notes from the premiere:

One of my favorite musicians in any genre is the late Hungarian composer György Ligeti, in particular his music for solo piano.   If you haven't heard his Piano Etudes , I highly recommend checking out   a recording - they're fantastic pieces of music, and they seem to me to defy genre.   In doing some research on Ligeti and his Piano Etudes , I ended up reading quite a bit about his much earlier set of solo piano pieces, Musica Ricercata .   It is a set of 11 pieces, the first of which is restricted to 2 notes, and each subsequent movement adds another pitch, so that the final movement uses all twelve pitches.   (The second movement has gained a wide audience due to its repeated appearances in Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut").   Fascinatingly, Ligeti wrote this while completely isolated from developments in Western Europe, so the final movement of Musica Ricercata is a twelve-tone piece in no way influenced by the Second Viennese School of Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg and Anton Webern.

What I set out to do with this set of pieces was to use the same pitch restrictions that Ligeti did, while incorporating various influences, some from jazz, some from 20 th Century classical music.   Also, I decided to make it an even 12 movements, using only one pitch for the first, and working all the way up to twelve pitches in the final movement.   This set of pieces was written for a jazz septet comprised of some of my favorite improvisers and musicians.   One challenge of writing chamber music for great improvisers is knowing how much to notate and how much to leave up to the performers. Each piece in this set plays with the balance between notated and improvised music.   With my pitch material being restricted, I was forced to write with added weight on other musical aspects - orchestration, rhythm, dynamics, shape, form.   With the exception of one movement, you won't hear music specifically derived from Ligeti's compositions, but rather an assortment of stylistic influences under the umbrella of Ligeti's compositional construct.

György Ligeti passed away just three years ago, and I'd like to dedicate this piece to his memory.   Whether or not it's a direct homage, I'd like to think that Ligeti would have enjoyed hearing this music.

Four Across

"The best new jazz quartet that I've heard in recent years," says KBCS Seattle's Bud Young of Four Across . Based in New York, the quartet is made up of long-time friends and collaborators Josh Deutsch (trumpet), Carmen Staaf (piano), Matt Aronoff (bass) and Brian Adler (drums). With five tours and a critically acclaimed debut record under their belt, Four Across brings an original take to the jazz conversation, incorporating influences from Thelonious Monk and Danilo Perez to stand-up comics, street food, meandering conversations and bicycle sounds. Band members have performed in Europe, Asia and South America, and received awards from Downbeat and the Kennedy Center.  Four Across has performed across the United States, including appearances at the Earshot Jazz Festival and the Outpost Summer Concert series.

"Four Across is the best new jazz quartet that I've heard in recent years...about to rank among the premier contemporary jazz groups...fresh, young, and talented."
- Bud Young, KBCS FM, Bud's Jazz Records and Tapes, Seattle, WA


The Poisonous Birds

The Poisonous Birds feature Josh Deutsch on trumpet, Hashem Assadullahi on saxophones, Jeff Lovell on piano, Dorian McIntyre-Crow on Bass & Kevin Congleton on drums. The group's first CD, "Live @ Jo Federigo's," was released in the spring of 2008.